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About Us

Histoire Sauvage was born from Nastasya's passion for designing clothes for her children, with a deep desire to make them sustainable.

At the end of a research project in psychology, I discovered the Japanese concept "Ikigai" according to which finding one's Vocation would make one happy. The ikigai would be at the intersection between what we like to do, what we are talented in, what is good for the world and what makes a living. That's when I made the decision to stop my career in research to achieve my Ikigai (what I like to do and what I know how to do: imagine easy, comfortable and sober outfits for my children ( and me) as well as sewing and knitting them; which is good for the world: creating clothes that respect people and the environment). All that remained was to make a living from it. So I launched Histoire Sauvage in 2020 with a concern for transparency, traceability, respect for the living.

Non-guilty pleasure

It's not just about fashion, but also about love for our planet, admiration for nature and respect of humans.

We choose natural materials, respectful working conditions, and the most local solutions possible.

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We believe that to offer sustainable fashion, the end of life of clothes must be considered from the design stage.

We therefore propose to take back your Histoire Sauvage clothes when their life with you is over, in order to be able to give them a second life.

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Let kids be kids

Adventures await

We design comfortable and healthy clothes to allow children to express themselves freely, to flourish, to go on adventures.

We want them to live in a better world where the experiences they live are their greatest wealth.

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