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Give your clothes a second life


We hope your child has enjoyed going on adventures in our clothes. But everything comes to an end and it may be time to part with it. However, don't throw it away, it still has value. Send it back to us and you will receive a discount voucher (the amount of which will depend on the condition of the garment), to be used on your next purchase.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Very good condition

No defect. Your article will end up in our second life section. You will receive a 20€ reduction voucher.

Good condition

One or two small defects (unstitched seam, hole or stain less than 2 cm from the hem of the sleeve or the bottom of the garment, loose elastic). Your item will end up in our second life section after it has been repaired. You will receive a 10€ discount voucher.

Bad condition

Your article will be re- or up-cycled. You will receive a 5€ discount voucher.

How to proceed ?

Would you like to return a wild story article to us?

📷 Take one or more photos of the item you want to send back to us and send it (them) to us, specifying any defects (

⏳ Wait for our confirmation email and return label.

🏤 Print the return label, carefully pack your item and drop it off at your post office.

💰 Wait for us to send you your coupon.

Encore un peu de patience

Histoire sauvage just turned 2 and, as our clothes are designed to last a long time, we haven't yet had enough feedback to open the Second Life platform.


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