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Treatments by Marine André

Do you use any skincare products specifically for children?


It is important to use products adapted to the skin of young children. From the age of 3, a child can use the same products as their parents (unless they have atopic or very sensitive, very reactive skin, in which case it is preferable to continue using baby products, even until 'adulthood). On the other hand, from 0 to 3 years, the pH of the skin of the baby is different from that of the adult. The skin's pH acidifies over time; it is around 7 (really neutral pH) in young children and around 6 in adulthood. Pay attention to packaging announcing a neutral pH; it is generally a neutral pH for adult skin, that is to say 6. We should speak of physiological pH. In general, it is preferable to use a pH which corresponds to that of the skin (= physiological pH) and therefore a true neutral pH (7) for the young child in order to respect the composition of his skin, not to weaken his cutaneous barrier, not transforming its epidermis, its natural protection.


Attention should also be paid to the composition of the products used; the ratio between the surface of the skin and the whole of the body being much greater in young children than in adults, and their skin being much more permeable, the substances contained in the products that are applied to them penetrate directly into the blood. Substances to avoid (also for adults) are phenoxyethanol, paraben, mineral oils. For young children, products containing alcohol (preservative, not to be confused with benzyl alcohol which is a preservative but not alcohol) and essential oils, which can be aggressive and sensitizing, should also be avoided. However, the latter two are often present in organic and natural cosmetics.


It is for this reason that 5 years after launching Bee nature, I launched Babee nature. Bee nature products can be used on children, without harm, because they are free of harmful substances (phenoxyethanol, paraben, mineral oil), but the products in the Babee nature range are completely suitable for young children, with a neutral pH, very soft,…


Finally, with regard to babies, it is important to choose the right diaper cream because the buttocks being very permeable, they let everything through and the substances contained in the products applied there pass directly into the reproductive organs. This is just as important with nappies (as well as with clothes).



Do you moisturize their skin regularly?

My kids are lucky not to have dry skin at all; I must therefore not moisturize their skin after a bath, in the face of the cold or after the sun.

I don't know if it's genetics or if it's due to the large amount of oil we consume in our diet; but they don't need it.

For the lips, they each have their own lipstick.

It is very important to choose it well because we pass our tongue over our lips many times; thus ingesting the substances contained in the product.


Conventional cosmetics often contain mineral oils (derived from petrochemicals), used for the purpose of moisturizing. However, this is not real hydration. Indeed, this substance promotes the creation of a protective layer on the skin, thus preventing it from breathing and therefore from becoming dehydrated, which therefore gives the impression that the skin is hydrated when in fact it is. simply prevents dehydration. On the contrary, natural and vegetable cosmetics use vegetable oils, waxes, butters (jojoba oil, beeswax, shea butter, etc.) which provide nutrients to the skin so that it is nourished, which will hydrate it.


Most lip sticks sold in supermarkets and pharmacies contain mineral oils. Also, plastic packaging often contains phthalates; thus plastic can pass into the product (interaction containing content especially during exposure to the sun) which will then be applied to the skin and this plastic passes into our body. It is therefore important to pay attention to the type of plastic of the container if it is plastic; it must be a type 2 or 5 plastic (not containing phthalate) for which there is no container-content interaction.


What do you use to relieve pain from a fall or collision?

Homeopathy (arnica), Puressentiel Bobobosse gel, plasters. For the latter, you must choose a product containing non-allergenic glue because glue is often very allergenic and can cause local reactions.


Do you have any small remedies to help a wound heal?

I use the repairing balm from the Babee Nature range. It is a super rich balm to nourish the skin well. It is also ideal for red cheeks in winter or a runny nose that irritates the skin.


What care should I use for the bath?

The rules are the same as for cosmetic products in general (ban products containing phenoxyethanol, paraben, mineral oils; avoid those containing alcohol and essential oils for young children).

Solid soaps have the advantage of requiring less preservative (therefore alcohol) because they do not contain water (unlike liquid products which contain 70% water and therefore preservatives so that the product does not not oxidize in the long term).

From an environmental point of view, these products have a great advantage (low water consumption and absence of container). However, it is important to check that the products are dermatologically tested (not compulsory to put the products on the market), as well as the conditions under which the product was made,... Although this is valid for everyone at any age, it is even more important for babies who cannot always cope with bacteria; on the one hand because they have a poorer skin barrier and on the other hand because they tend to drink bath water).

So beware of too much craftsmanship.


Finally, it is not necessary to bathe children every day. In our civilization, we tend to wash too much; however, by dint of washing, the skin is stripped. If we give our children a bath every day, we only use soap every other day. Same goes for the hair, I can't even remember the last time I washed their hair! And they are super beautiful, super soft, super shiny.


What do you apply to a sting/burn?

Puressentiel or Pranarom blends.

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